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CM Best Golf & Tour


Golf Game For Beginners & Professionals

Golf Game For Beginners & Professionals


Take Your Game to the Next Level

We are here to meet your highest expectations. We are the one-stop golf community that provides everything you may need.

01. Experienced instructors
02.Training and competition

What They Say

Nai is the most dependable service I have ever known,if you say pick me up at 7am he is there at 6:45! He knows all the good places in Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai and he will service you there in a super safe way and carry on a conversation in excellent English.His car is immaculately clean and in good mechanical condition.He has driven me to Chiang Saen (about 3.5 hours) at least 6 times with no breakdowns.If you need a service in.



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